Didn’t your Mother Teach you to Share?

I had a social media epiphany today while mourning the lack of time I have to devote to my blog this quarter.  Although I have all but abandoned this blog, I have been nurturing a new relationship with Twitter. And Google Buzz. And Google Reader. I’ve discovered that I can share all the fantastic articles and blog post I find on my Google Reader without having to devote an hour or so editing an entire blog post with commentary. Although I do love expanding on the ideas in the articles, I find too many articles I want to share and not enough time to add all the witty and snarky comments I want to say about each.

Social media and sharing is about more than giving your opinion on every story you come across about a new iPhone app or healthcare bill. It’s about sharing what you’ve found with others. Good journalists try to keep their reporting as unbiased as possible. Good blogging highlights ideas and theories that you support.  So if I’m sharing blog posts and articles that I find mind-bending without kissing their feet or stabbing them in the back, then wouldn’t that make me a good blogger and good journalist? I share the articles I find with my Facebook and Google friends, who may not be as deep into the blog-o-sphere as I am and they get the chance to read about a new opinion through me. Yay for the dissemination of knowledge!

So how am I doing this? By discovering that I can link EVERYTHING. I started using the “share” feature of my Google Reader to quickly share posts with my 3 or 4 friends that also use Google Reader. Then Buzz rolled out and I noticed that when I “shared” an item in Reader, it posted as a status update in Buzz, where I have 20 more followers who don’t use Reader. I’ve been trying to use Twitter more this year and wanted to see if there was a way I could link my shared Reader posts with Twitter like Buzz does. Of course there is a way. Reader2Tweet. I know I’m blowing your mind with all this chaotic sharing (I’m blowing my own as well) but there is one last step. I have a respectable following of friends that support my blog (bless you all) and I want to be able to share these articles with them even though I have no time to write posts. Enter the WordPress Twitter widget. Now my Twitter feed is scrolling along the right side of my blog as well.

I did all this linking in a matter of an hour. (Gosh, it’s almost like social media developers WANT us to expand our sharing networks, they make it so easy!) Now when I’m bogged down with class presentations and graphic design projects, but come across an interesting post about the need to improve student lunches in my Reader, all I need to do is “share” and it spreads like wildfire across all the various platforms that my friends stalk me with.


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