Island Tunes – Lost Style

Do you get chills when you hear “Bad Robot”? If you watch LOST, you must know the feeling. I have nightmares of ominous strings playing in the background as Locke appears from behind a coconut tree. Only the producers of LOST could turn an island paradise into the purgatory of black smoke and time travel that is LOST. And that is due in large part to the music. Which is exactly what I want on my iPod when I’m trying to get through a long day of data entry!

But dark and ominous background music aside, there are some great songs that fit into LOST. I seem to remember during the good ol’ days when the cast only had to worry about pressing the button every 108 minutes in the Swan there were some good tunes spinning on the record player. So Amazon blog, ChordStrike, has created a playlist of every song played thus far on the show. Highlights include Patsy Cline, The Kinks, Perry Como, Brenda Lee, and Petula Clark


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