And the Webby goes to

Not ONLY is today Cinco De Mayo, but the Webby awards were announced! This gave me some fresh new sites to follow (not that need more to add to the 40+ sites that are already filling up my RSS feed) while sipping the required margarita, listening to the required Rodrigo y Gabriela, and wearing the required sombrero (I hope you’re picturing me sitting at my laptop wearing a sombrero; it would make my day.)

So what Webby award winning sites have earned a spot in my no-standards-whatsoever RSS? Check it

Broken Secrets – because I could use some more useless knowledge in my vocabulary

1000 Awesome Things – I just added it to my RSS, then realized that I voted it into my winner’s circle last year also. Two time winner!

I Wanna Go There – I’ve been on a travel blog kick lately, and I think the tag line for this site hits the nail on the head of what I, and so many others, want to get out of travel. “This is travel, not tourism.” It’s a social and informal platform to plan your next trip. The site has bottled those invaluable conversations you have while at the bus stop, on the chairlift, in the hostel bunkroom with fellow travelers and locals. Sorry Rick Steves.


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