Kanye’s Workout Plan

Spring is here, and time again for me to find a half marathon to train for, pull out my running shoes, and get back on Lake Shore Drive for some long runs. The most stressful part of this process is not figuring out how to get my winter body back into fighting shape, but what to listen to on those 10 milers. Last summer was full of Girl Talk and The Hood Internet. Nothing tops a remixed beat to hit the pavement with. But I decided that when I can name every song sampled in Girl Talk’s “Play your Part, pt 1” it’s time for something new. I ran my issue by my musical spiritual leader, JayeL, and he recommended The White Panda. Then I found Paste contributor Josh Jackson’s “80 Best Workout Songs”. I guess it’s only appropriate that I do the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon now.


One response to “Kanye’s Workout Plan

  1. “Musical Spiritual Leader”? I should get that added to my business cards. I like the Paste list a lot. I think the one song that hasn’t left my running playlist over the past 4 years is “Banquet” by Bloc Party. I still can’t get enough.

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